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Upcoming Fundraisers

2023 Variety Golf Tournament

This highly anticipated tournament is set for September 19th!

Special Guest: UT Baseball Coach Tony Vitello

If interested in sponsoring or participating in this event,

please email

Past Fundraisers

Annual Variety Movie Premiere

Each year, Variety of Eastern Tennessee holds an exciting movie screening where celebrities come to Knoxville to promote their new film and advocate for a good cause. Previous celebrities in attendance include Hugh Jackman, Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Kristen Stewart, and more!

2022 Variety Golf Tournament

The 2022 Variety Golf Tournament had one of the top fundraising years ever, with over $245K raised thanks to our generous sponsors!

Swag Sale 22-1.png
2022 Variety Swag Sale and Online Auction

Holiday shoppers helped boost sales past 2021's record to become the second highest grossing Swag Sale in Variety of East Tennessee history. Thank you to Regal and all others who donated products for this event!

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